Sunday, March 23, 2008


This year we went up to Utah to celebrate the Easter holiday. This year Easter was on March 23 instead of in April. On Saturday, we had great fun at Papa Tim's school with the Parker family. We rode scooters, jumped rope, played basketball and  hunted for eggs in the hallways. It's fun to see the great grandchildren playing together just like I did when I was their age. Thanks Dad for letting us borrow your school and keeping us out of the cold weather.

On Easter day we went to Aunt Mindy's house for our traditional BBQ and egg hunt. The Durrant's never seclude anyone and almost force the older cousins to go egg hunting so they can have a little Easter treat too. 

Aunt Pammy bought some Elmo eggs especially for Kate. It was so fun to watch her look for the Elmo eggs and giggle when she saw him with bunny ears on. Pam followed her around and helped her find them. It made the hunt even more special because Kate was adored so much by all.

Parker and Gabe always find time to have some boy fun.

Grace and her loot during the traditional "check to see if everyone got exactly the same treats" part of the egg hunt. They got a ton of candy this year.

Aunt Pammy leading another "did everyone get this treat bag" part of the hunt. If someone was missing a treat, the whole group goes hunting again to find the missing treat. This year we had a bunch of stuff missing. Those older cousins must be getting too cool for this. Seems like the Butler's found most of the missing treats for them.


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