Friday, April 1, 2011

My Emy is TWO!!!

Two years ago today my little Emily was born. I wanted a April babay and Emy didn't disapoint me. She waited just long enough was born on April Fool's Day, 2009. No joke. April Fool's Day fits her personality perfectly. She's full of giggles and loves to make people smile. What would we do without her little antics? She keeps us smiling even when she's sad. 

Some of her favorite things are:

• The word, "Hey!" She says, "hey" all the time to everyone and everything. And you're probably in trouble when confronted with one of Emily's "heys."

• Emliy loves CANDY.... Well, anything with sugar in it. But, her very favorite type of candy is "sucks."

• Emy is a little mother at heart. She loves all babies. Dolls, ugly dolls, real babies, toddlers... All of em. 

• She adores her brother and sisters. She's been carefully watching them since day 1. She's learned so many tricks from them and mimics them all the time. Emy has even taught them a few tricks of her own.

• Emily loves to dress up. Her favorite things to wear are hats and underwear. She wears several pairs of "undies" pulled all the way up to her "button" like belts because she puts both legs in the same hole.

• She loves her "butt" or belly button. It has become a comfort to her when she is trying to fall asleep. If there is not easy access to the "button" she won't fall asleep. She loves that little "butt" so much that she has pulled it into an outie. I've tried to push it back in, but it just doesn't work.

• Emy is constantly wanting drinks. She'll suck the juice out a Capri Sun in seconds.

• Certain foods: Emy is a terrible eater! She is the pickiest little thing I've ever encountered. She eats yogurt, nanas, pancakes, eggs, apples, noodles, "dog-dogs" (hot dogs), "beep-beeps" (tater-tots), pizza, pb&j and bread. Oh and of course fruit snacks because she thinks they are candy.

• Being the little busy body that she is, Emily loves playlands and parks. I often can't find her at these places because she climbs all the way to the top and doesn't come down unless there is easy access to a slide.

• Emy loves rides. Any of type of ride will do, but she especially loves getting rides with Kate and driving Grandma Diane's car.

• Emily loves playing in the bath tub. But she truly loves baths with Kate. They hug and hug each other like two little naked puppies

• She also loves to wrestle with Daddy. She's a Daddy's girl through and through. Emily get's seperation anxiety when he works out-of-town. She loves to make tents with Daddy, "fly" with Daddy and just about everything else. She's got him wrapped around her cute little finger.

• Teasing Amanda is another one of Emily's favorite past times. She refuses to call Amanda by her correct name. Instead she calls her, "Grandma."

• Emily is the first out of our four children that loves nursery. She loves going to her "class" and cries to go there each Sunday. When she was first adjusting to idea of nursery she would cry and run straight to her teachers. Afterwards, she wouldn't want to leave and would dive into her teachers arms.

I love you little Emily Jane! You bring such happiness and joy into our lives. I wouldn't feel complete without you. I love to rock you and read books to you at night. You bring such peace to my heart. Just don't grow up too fast.

Love your mommies,

(aka: Sad Mother While Watching You Grow Up Too Fast)


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