Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Papskerdoodles!

Papa, we wanted to give you a big hug on your birthday, but we are just too many miles away. So a video blog is the next best way for us to show you how much we love you. Watch our little video and imagine little arms and hands hugging your big Papa body.

We also have a few things to say that we couldn’t fit into the video...

Parker: "Papa, I love the way you give us treats and that good stuff. I'm really happy that you do that. But what I love the most is the way you tease me because it adds fun into my life. I hope that you will have a fun birthday without me, but still this video will feel like I'm right there with you. Bye, bye, Papa. I LOVE YOU!"

Grace: "Have a happy birthday and a great day and have a good school for a while and stuff. What I love most about you is that you are fun to play with and you make me happy. I like the toys you make for me and how you always want me to be happy. You are a hard worker, especially for me. I love you tons and tons and tons!"

Kate: "Apa, Looooove you … treat … snack … yummy! Happy day … burp (he-he)!”

Wing: “Hey pops, I’m going to remember antelope hunting with you and Parker for a long time. I don’t know if spotting the coyote, badgers and antelope will come first, or Parker poking out his BB gun to rescue the antelope anchored with sagebrush. Hmmm…. probably the 20 times you had to “go” in 100 yards! Grin. Love You gramps.”

Melissa: “Dad, there is not a day that goes by without me thinking of you. You amaze me in so many ways. The way you work for and care for your family touches all around you. Thank you for being such a powerful example of love, compassion, endurance and sometimes patience. It is comforting to know that you will always be there for me and support me in your loving way during even the most hard of times. I will always love you. Thank you for being my Dad. Please take good care of yourself so we can continue to build more and more memories together.”

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Braking news at chanel PARKER!!!!!!


1. Scariest costume is the MUMMY. (Parker's Mom created the Mummy.) Plus most people at the trunk-or-treat voted Parker's costume #1 and the kids at Dooley said, "Coool!"


3. There are strange creatures at John Dooley Elementary School.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Wing's new Job, by Wing

Hey there country cousins and backyard friends,

I want to announce that I have a new job. Starting Nov. 5th (Monday) I will be working as a Supervisor of a video interpreting call center (Hands On Video Relay Services). It was a difficult decision for the whole family, but after turning it down twice and being re-offered the job twice with positive adjustments to the benefits package and salary, we couldn't say no.

Some of the nice things about the job? 30 days of Paid Time Off, more visiting family time; Health and Dental, after Halloween we'll need it; Exempt status, playing with Kate in the middle of the day; and I'm the boss!

Some may know of my entreprenurail spirit and may crinkle your brow at this announcement. Yes, I am taking a 9-5 job (grin), although The flame of innovation is still alive! In fact the predicatablitily of this job will allow me to compartmentalize my business building efforts.

hmmmm...curious on what I'm working on?

1) A stock photography website specializing on sign language centric images. Melissa and my brother Han are putting it together as we speak. Just look at this blog and we know its going to be great!

2) An internet advertising company selling a frameless signing spokesperson product for, you guessed it sign language centric websites. I just signed the business agreement and it should be up in two weeks.

3) an ad supported video website, again focusing on sign centric programming. I've been researching this and develping over the last year. Its a slower process because there are two other owners in on this one. I liken this project to developing the printing press for sign languge.

Ok...enough about me, lets talk about you. LOL.

Thank you all for your participation in Blog-a-Butler, If you could see Parker and Grace's eyes when they read the comments, they call it compliments (adorable), you would see the delight, love and connection they have with each one of you. Thank you for enriching our lives.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Spooktacular Halloween, by Melissa

Much was brewing on the morning of Halloween in the Haunted Butler Mansion. All three little ghouls were grinning grimly as they rose from their coffins and prepared to spook the students of Dooley Elementary. Visions of screaming kinders crept up their spines as they cackled about their Halloween plans at school.

The Mummy wrapped his half decayed body in preparation for a third grade Halloween feast of goodies, games and horror. Even with terrifying decay and half limbs, he managed to moan his way across Mrs. Brown's classroom to win the Mummy race while wrapped in delicate toilet paper, play Halloween BINGO, scream at scary stories and partake of ghoulish snacks. And he was still able to portray the most polite manners possbile for a mummy his age.

The Witch was casting unspeakable spells and cackling of her plans in Ms. Borum's first grade class. First she would parade her terrifying costume around the school, frightening any who would look directly into her dark brown eyes. Then she would return to her bewitched classroom and eat ghosts from strings with no hands, plant popcorn warts into gloved fingers and drink of a spidery and muddy witches brew.

The third and smallest ghoul was in disguise as a cute little girl who threw tantrums at the prospect of wearing her beloved Elmo costume and instead ate eggs and toast for breakfast. She pretended to be a normal little toddler while masking her true motives... for she was preparing to crash the witch's and mummy's social hours.

Upon their return from the dead of school, the ghouls compared treats and told of the tricks they had screeched together. But, the night was still young... their final destination of a tri-ward trunk-or-treating was about to begin. It was now time for the smallest ghoul to get in costume. The screaming and kicking was to much for the parents to bare as they tried to coax the Elmo costume onto her little skeleton. Melissa dug through costumes from the past to find a garb that would suit the little ghoul. She chose a pretty pink Tu-Tu and beaded shirt that made the mummy and witch scowl. Now monstorous family was ready to depart.

The ghouls stuffed their giant purple spider in the trunk of the car and headed to the freakish church parking lot. Many cars had chosen this spot for their final resting place. Each was decorated with spooks of all shapes and sizes. A horn was heard and the ghouls began their quest for treats. The princess held her pumpkin bag high and said, "treat" before seizing her beloved candy. Upon her dismissal she would grin a sweet, "bye" and wave as she studied the new addition to her collection of treats. Her bag got to heavy for her small arms and she drug it across the ground. As the night grew darker she allowed her Dad to hold her tight and they kept prodding through the haunted parking lot.

After completing the maze of ghostly cars, the three ghouls returned to their own car and giant purple spider. The mummy received compliments for wearing the best costume and Melissa cackled with pride as she looked upon the prickled fingers that had sewn the mummy's costume. The witch grinned at her new tooth brush and tooth paste and begged for a good brushing. The little princess sat still and stared into the tired night while licking and sucking on each treat in her pumpkin bag.

But as bats flew over head, the ghouls faces were flushed from hunting for treats and they wished to be tucked in to bed and rest in peace for the night. Their nightmares would now be filled with visions of you and wishes that your Halloween was as spooktacular as ours.


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