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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Turning Into A Man

Parker's size EIGHT shoes! I can't believe that my little Parker is getting so big.

His feet are much bigger than Grandma Diane's feet. (Now that was a much anticipated and celebrated event! Sort of a right of passage for Parker.) Wing's shoe size in only a size 10. Parker is only two sizes away from being the same size as his Dad! Scary!

We will soon be raising a man and he knows it too! He constantly reminds me of how much he is going to eat when he becomes a teenager, his pants are always a bit too short and he gives charlie horse punches with great force. I've even started asking him questions about what big words mean and how to solve difficult math problems!

Parker... Please stop growing! This tired old heart can't take much more! I'm just not ready for you to be a man. Where did my little baby go?


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