Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

Chirstmas morning brought Legos, Webkinz and extremely hard to find and sold out instantly in stores..... Zhu Zhu Hamsters. Oh and let's not forget Daddy's delicious Christmas Crepes!


Merry Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa Butler

Helping make the turkey dinner.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Parker Party With Santa

Christmas with the Parker family was a blast. It is even rumored to be the "best party ever!" We started with good food, great company and even funner things to do. The children made snow globes (my idea) with baby food jars, plastic christmas lights, glitter, beads and a bit of Mom and Dad's help with the glue guns. It was a craft that even the grown up "kids" enjoyed.

We were all surprised when we heard Aunt Janet's door bell ring and found Santa waiting on her door step with a bag full of goodies and notes to each child.

Santa had to hurry back to his work shop and after he left we went downstairs and celebrated the Chirstmas season with music, dancing and games.

We didn't forget the true reason for the season. The children preformed the nativity to the same song that their parents did when we were that age. Priceless.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Party at the Charleston

All holiday's at the Charleston are fun! We love visiting Grandma Donna on these special days. Not just because we get great tasting food and play fun games, but because we get to enjoy Grandma Donna's company and the sweet spirits of the people living at her assisted living center. Thank you, Grandma Donna, for a wonderful evening.


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