Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Know All The Tricks Of Parenting, By Parker

Dear mom and dad,

I really understand that you don't know that I'm ready to have a cell phone. But I know I am ready. I know what I'm capable of and I know that I am fully  capable to be ready and pay for all the exspenses. Also I would like to tell that I want one not only that it makes me feel cool and the reason is that I think it 
makes feel in, what I mean is I kind of feel left out by not having one today, all my friends and I mean ALL my friends have one. So I think that I deserve one.
Some of the reasons that I should have one are that its more whats thaat word oh con vee nee ent  I do not know how the word is spelled so there. I think also transportation wise also you haerd me about it so you know what I mean. I get it on how you think you think that I am not ready for this responsibility but I know I AM  it is time for me to get more opportunities and YOu know it its rediculous just plain out funny   
Of of that please tell me the answer on this paper and say why I know what you will probably say and I know a no but please tell me the real honest answer of all of this. I want and need an answer I know all the tricks of parenting and one of them is not circling anything or just not responding but I do know that you WILL read this. So circle the answer. Please tell why

YES!                                         NO!



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