Friday, February 27, 2009

Daddy Daughter Date, by Grace

Today my Dad took me on a Daddy daughter date. He got me out of school one hour early. It surprised me. We planned on going to the Jonas Brothers 3D Concert Movie for a long time. So we drove to the Fiesta on opening day. Kate came too. When we got there we ate shakes. We all got chocolate, but my Dad shared one with Kate because she really doesn't eat much. When we felt full we went to give our tickets to the lady.  She said we can't go in because we still had our shakes with us. So we drank it all and walked up to the movie. We got in and we were the only ones there, but one other person came in so then there was two people. The movie started. Music music music... there were a lot of songs. Kate danced a lot. Then we got home. I had a fun time. My Dad is cool because he takes me on dates. It makes me feel special. I love my Dad.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Newest Bear

Last week Parker was honored at pack meeting by obtaining all of the required badges to receive the rank of bear. His birthday isn't for another 4 months so he is very early. Now he is working on his arrows and already has two.

Parker is very proud of his uniform and many belt loops. We were at the park after scouts last Wednesday and he boosted a friend up onto a high snake statue. His friend's Mom said, "Wow Parker! You are very strong!" Parker opened up his jacket in superman fashion to reveal his scout uniform underneath and said, "How do you think I got all these patches!?" What a man!

Parker has also had to memorize and perform in school. He memorized a required poem called "Turn off the TV" by Bruce Lansky and recited it to his class. He has great expression and wasn't afraid when he had to say the Mom's lines in the poem. He memorized the two pager in just a couple of days and did a wonderful job. Mrs. Stolworthy was quoted as saying, "Wow! That just popped in all the right places. Great job, Parker!"

Friday, February 20, 2009

We Sing America!

On Friday, Grace participated in the "We Sing America" second grade program. She was very excited to perform and just loved the songs. Once her part was memorized, she memorized a bunch of other kids parts just in case they needed some help, got sick or had stage fright. This is such a wonderful development for Grace. She is no longer anxious about things and her confidence just keeps growing and growing. Wing and I just beam with happiness when we see our teeny-tiny Gracee mature into the beautiful girl we have always seen inside of her.

Grace's part was on the state of North Dakota. She said, "North Dakota. There is a place in North Dakota called Bad Lands. Do you know why? Because the pioneers found it hard to get by." She sometimes got mixed up and said "Bed Lands" on accident. I think the pioneers might have got too comfortable in the "Bed Lands" and would have never come all the way out west. Good thing they were in the Bad Lands instead!

Grace is on the top row signing her little heart out. Her favorite song was "The Grand Ol' Flag." Doesn't she just look adorable and so grown up at the same time!?

This is Grace's teacher, Ms Rehm. Parker also had her as teacher in second grade, so we feel like she is an old friend of the family. Grace told Ms. Rehm that she was so excited to preform in the program and couldn't wait to get started! Ms. Rehm thinks that Grace is a natural born actress. Great job Grace!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Third Little Pirate

Kate participated in her first program today at the Magic Butterfly Preschool. She worked really hard all week and memorized her little part in the pirate puppet show and the creative genius inside of her added an extra line. She proudly took her place and clearly said, "The fird yiddle pirate holds the pirate flag. (Extra line added here: Him never puts it down.) Him always hold it straight and never yet's it sag." Not bad for a three year old. Wing and I just grinned from ear to ear. 

The best part of the program was actually not a part of the program at all. When we arrived, all of the class was waiting in front of the puppet backdrop. Kate gave me a big hug and went back to her little spot in line. Wing showed Kate the video camera and the movie star inside of her came to life. She saw the camera and decided to preform before the show even started by strutting out her third little pirate lines. This kid loves the spotlight and we love watching her! Needless to say, Kate is excited to see the movie of her acting debut.

This is Kate singing the lion song at the program today.

Mrs. Natalie, Kate and Mrs. Deana. We just adore these ladies. They make Kate feel very important and loved. They are just perfect for her little heart and social progress.

This is the whole class (with a few extra kids) on their last field trip to Ethel M's Chocolate Factory. Kate likes to pose like a little princess. See if you can spot her. She looks so tiny.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Grace... Our Star!

Grace is the star student in her second grade class. She's the star of our family too!

The moment we first laid eyes on Grace we knew that she was someone special. She was perfect in every way. Her Grandma Kathleen said that she was as perfect and beautiful as a little china doll. Dozens of family members came to see Grace in her first minutes of life. She captured all of our hearts immediately!

When Grace was a baby she had a huge smile that would light up the room. Even complete strangers just wanted to look at her and smile. She was always laughing, playing or having fun.

Her best friend has always been her brother, Parker. In fact, one of her first words were, "Buddy." Buddy is the name that she chose for her brother and she would follow him everywhere he went calling after her Buddy... And Parker still loves it. Now her little sister, Kate, follows her like a little shadow and idolizes Grace's every move. Grace never complains and most always includes her 3 year old sister in her activities. Grace is a good example for Kate to follow.

Grace is one of the sweetest people I know. She is always there we one of us needs a friend or hug. She makes our hearts feel better when they are hurt. Grace has a special way of understanding what we need. One of Grace's favorite Aunts died last month. Grace's Papa Tim said a prayer for our aunt and was sad. When I looked up, I couldn't find Grace and looked all over for her. I thought she was lost, but she had gone across a huge room of people to hug and comfort her big Papa Tim. She thinks of others first and how they are feeling. She is a wonderful friend and always tries her best to be nice to everyone.

Grace has always been able to make us laugh and smile. Sometimes we just look at her little mug and crack up laughing. She warms our hearts with her teeny-tiny Gracee-ness!

Grace is also a very talented artist and crafter. Her imagination and attention to detail are awesome. From a very early age, Grace has had a perfect pencil grip and could color and cut art projects like a pro. When something is difficult for her to do, she sets a goal and does her best. Grace has a very bright future ahead of her and can be and do anything she puts her mind to!

Our family loves Grace for so many reasons. She is special to each of us in her own special way. But, we love her most of all because she is our GRACE!

We love you Grace and are so glad that you are a part of our family.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Disney's Biggest Fan... ME!

I finally get the recognition I truly deserve! Thank you to all of my fans. Maybe I'll be able to pull some Disney strings for you. Everyone on your very best behavior!


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