Wednesday, September 30, 2009

4 Years Old

Today is Kate's big girl four year old birthday. For the last month and a half she has woken up every morning asking if it was her birthday and then cries to the tune of: "WHY MOM? I can't wait so many days for my dirfday to come! AAAWW MAN, DANG IT!"

Kate was thrilled to bring Strawberry Shortcake "pupcakes" to preschool. The boys got stinky crayon "pupcakes" because they are boys.

Kate requested french toast with berries and ice cream for breakfast, McDonalds for lunch and chicken nuggets with mac-n-cheese for dinner. Oh, I musn't forget the Sprite! It's her favorite drink.

Kate invited our neighborhood friends, Emily and Jessica to McDonalds for lunch. It's her favorite place to play. This year was the first time that Grandma Diane got to come to one of Kate's birthday parties.

Birthday girl fun and dog pile with four little stinkers on top.

The Tinkerbell cake was a hit! Kate even let everyone have a chance to blow out the candles. This year I realized that baby Kate is not a baby anymore. She only blew her candles out twice. The last two years she has blown them out a couple dozen times. She's a big girl now!

Kate got the full collection of Barbie Musketeers from Grandma Diane because Kate asked for, "a tons and a tons of Barbies. Seriously, Grandma. A tons and a tons!" Grandma Siu Mei sent her a card with ten one dollar bills in it. Her face illustrates her excitement at being rich perfectly. Kate also got an American Girl doll to play with her big sister. Emmy just rolled and rolled in the wrapping paper. I know what she's getting for Christmas!

Happy Birthday, Kate! We love you so very much. You truly are one of a kind. Life wouldn't be as fun without your sparkling eyes and bright smile. Seriously, Kate! We love you a tons and a tons!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Imagination Station Preschool

Kate started preschool this month. She is lucky to be attending the same preschool as her church friends, Emily Furness and Stella Fleming. There are two Kates in her class. The kids call her "Little" Kate. When they see her they say, "Oh here comes Little Kate! She's so cute." She loves seeing her friends at school and playing in the play house with them.

Her teacher, Mrs. Shannon is super organized and makes each day fun to learn. In fact, I was worried that Kate would cry when I dropped her off the first day of school. But, she walked right in, found her friends and didn't look back to say good bye. It was a bitter sweet moment. My little Kate-R-Tot is growing up! We love you, Kate!

Friday, September 11, 2009

5 Months Old and Teething

Emmy has a new favorite past time... Chewing on our fireplace mantle! She is 5 months old now and is starting to scoot. She gets super frustrated because she doesn't realize that she is scooting and ends up in weird places. Today she got across the room and to the fireplace. When she discovered where she was, she just started chewing on the mantle. Those teeth must be coming in something serious. She just couldn't get enough.

Mmmm... Wood!
More! I want more!

Where Did My Little Girl Go?

Grace turned 9 years old today! What happened to my little girl? She's a woman now! It's been 9 wonderfully fast years with this bundle of joy. From the three layers of rollie pollie legs, teeny tiny Grace sayings, pierced ears and new grown up haircut--This girl has been a sweet joy to raise. I often ask myself how I got so lucky to be her Mom. It is such a privilege to have Grace in my life. Her smile is a ray of sunshine that points straight at my heart. Her sweet soft spirit is so kind and loving. She always knows just what we need. She completes our family circle in a way that only Grace can. We are so grateful to have you, Grace. We love you.

This year Grace requested crepes for breakfast and popeye pancakes for dinner with a hearty portion of berries and cream on top of both meals. Poor girl had to go to school on her birthday... But she got a surprise call from the office to be checked out early for a pedicure with Mom, Grandma and Kate.

Kate was my best helper and put the finishing touches on the strawberry cake.

The big gift this year was her "just like me American Girl Doll." I love that she wanted a doll. I loved dolls when I was her age and this one is a keepsake. Her love for dolls lets me hold onto her childhood a little bit longer. Someday she will be a wonderful mother. Grace thought for sure that Grandma bought her clothes and she was right. They just weren't the right size. They fit her doll instead.

She got her first sleep over in the new house with her buddy and sometimes twin Alicia Robinson. Kate wanted to be a part of the action and made a little bed next to her sister, but she fell asleep within the first few minutes. Grace was nice enough to share her special moment with her little sister.

Emily and Daddy didn't last long either. It was an early night for them too.

Thank you Grace for being who you are. You have a unique influence on others and you touch their hearts for good. Never change and always be yourself. You are a trusted friend, delightful daughter, sweet sister and one of Heavenly Father's most loved companions. Thank you for sharing your life with us. We love you and happy birthday.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Locks of Love

Grace wanted to get her hair cut for her birthday. We cut it the day before her birthday so she could show it off at school on her real birthday. My cute friend Ciera cut her hair and suggested that if we are cutting off 4 to 6 inches why not go with 8 inches and donate the hair to locks of love. With the passing of Pammy in January, Grace thought that would be a great gift to give someone. Even better because she will be giving it to them on her own birthday.

She loved every minute of it! I on the other hand was choked up the whole time because my little Gracie was growing up right before my eyes. I had to grip onto the sink for balance so I wouldn't embarrass Grace with my crying.

Holding the big pony tail of love.

The finished product: One beautiful, very happy, almost 9 year old girl! 
Want to donate your valuable hair to children in need? Check out for more information.


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