Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

Chirstmas morning brought Legos, Webkinz and extremely hard to find and sold out instantly in stores..... Zhu Zhu Hamsters. Oh and let's not forget Daddy's delicious Christmas Crepes!


Merry Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa Butler

Helping make the turkey dinner.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Parker Party With Santa

Christmas with the Parker family was a blast. It is even rumored to be the "best party ever!" We started with good food, great company and even funner things to do. The children made snow globes (my idea) with baby food jars, plastic christmas lights, glitter, beads and a bit of Mom and Dad's help with the glue guns. It was a craft that even the grown up "kids" enjoyed.

We were all surprised when we heard Aunt Janet's door bell ring and found Santa waiting on her door step with a bag full of goodies and notes to each child.

Santa had to hurry back to his work shop and after he left we went downstairs and celebrated the Chirstmas season with music, dancing and games.

We didn't forget the true reason for the season. The children preformed the nativity to the same song that their parents did when we were that age. Priceless.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Party at the Charleston

All holiday's at the Charleston are fun! We love visiting Grandma Donna on these special days. Not just because we get great tasting food and play fun games, but because we get to enjoy Grandma Donna's company and the sweet spirits of the people living at her assisted living center. Thank you, Grandma Donna, for a wonderful evening.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Turning Into A Man

Parker's size EIGHT shoes! I can't believe that my little Parker is getting so big.

His feet are much bigger than Grandma Diane's feet. (Now that was a much anticipated and celebrated event! Sort of a right of passage for Parker.) Wing's shoe size in only a size 10. Parker is only two sizes away from being the same size as his Dad! Scary!

We will soon be raising a man and he knows it too! He constantly reminds me of how much he is going to eat when he becomes a teenager, his pants are always a bit too short and he gives charlie horse punches with great force. I've even started asking him questions about what big words mean and how to solve difficult math problems!

Parker... Please stop growing! This tired old heart can't take much more! I'm just not ready for you to be a man. Where did my little baby go?

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

We had such a great Halloween this year! The kids all came up with their own costume ideas and with the help of Amanda their wishes were granted. They first celebrated at school with various Halloween parties.

On Halloween Day we were spooked by Uncle Kenny and his haunted garage. The spookiness get better and better every year! This year was particularly fun because Parker and Grace went through. It was so funny to hear them screaming their bums off. Plus it's the only time that Parker will hug onto me anymore.

After we were sufficiently scared, we went trick-or-treating throughout our neighborhood. We sure missed the trunk-or-treating in Henderson. It's a one stop treating event were adults and kids hang out and enjoy each others company. This year was different and even though we got a late start on treating we still had a great time just running around as a family. Oops. Did I mention that trick-or-treating in Lehi is much colder? Well, it is!

When we got home, Grandma Diane had some nice hot chili and corn bread ready to eat. Yummy!

I also wanted to add that earlier in the week, Parker won an award for his Tooth Fairy costume at the Eaglecrest 2nd Ward's Halloween party. He won, "The Most Creative and Brave!" Way to go Parker! Only real men can wear a tu-tu.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Carving Pumpkins

Icky, slimey, gooey, gloopy, blooby and sloppy pumpkin "brains." Carving pumpkins for Halloween is so much fun! (Especially when you are old enough to design AND carve your very own pumpkin.)

The end results make the slimey "brains" inside the pumpkins worth the trouble.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Emily's Blessing Day

Emily Jane Butler was given a name and a blessing from her Grandfather on Sunday, October 25, 2009. 

We kept the day small and simple by having the blessing at our home and sharing it with family. This made the day very special and allowed us to focus on the celebration that little Emily is to each of us. Wing conducted the meeting with Parker, Grace and Kate leading the music and saying prayers. Wing and I got to each bare our testimonies of the Atonement and what Emmy means to us. She is our miracle baby! Our family has been blessed to overcome incredible odds and Emily is a symbol of those blessings. 

Emily was named after a person that is always in our hearts, Pamela Jane Hunsaker. She has Pam's zest for life and shows it through her bright smile to all who come in contact with her. Just like Pam, Emily makes friends easily and attracts everyone openly. She is a busy little bug who knows exactly what she wants, yet has a kind and pure heart that brightens the soul. Her namesake would be proud of her little Emily Jane.

Just look at all of the people who love you little Emily Jane! What a blessing it is to be close to family.

The blanket on the chair next to Mommy and Emmy was hand crocheted by Emily's Great Grandma Donna. Donna made the blanket for Parker's baby blessing and we have used that blanket at each of our children's blessings.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Talking In Sacrament Meeting

Today our whole family (minus Emily) spoke in sacrament meeting. The bishop asked us to speak on the Atonement. What a loaded subject! We decided to not philosophize, but to talk about what the Atonement means to us in our daily lives by sharing personal stories and feelings because the Atonement means something different to everyone. It's simply that personal. Hopefully, we helped others feel of Christ's love for them individually through our testimonies.

We were given the option of having a youth speaker or allow our children to speak during the first few minutes of sacrament meeting. We reluctantly choose to have our children speak not knowing how that would pan out. The kids were scared at first, but after a few days they got used to the idea.

Wing and I spent so much time working on our own talks that we didn't prepare the children's talks until Saturday evening. While I was putting the finishing touches on my own talk, the kids were outside playing with some neighbors. Kate got caught in the middle of a tug-a-war and got her arm painfully pulled out of the socket and came home in pain and tears running down her little cheeks. I ended up in the emergency room with her while Wing helped Parker and Grace plan their talks. When I returned from the ER with a happy and fixed Kate at 11:30 p.m., Parker and Grace were busy rehearsing their talks to Daddy. Can I just say that they did an awesome job!? I was so proud of them! Wing had them choose there favorite scripture about the Savior and tell their feelings about that scripture and why they liked it. The only other help they had was how to organize their talks with an opening, body, closing and testimony. Kate did an awesome job too and actually prepared her talk days in advance. She knew exactly what to say.

On Sunday morning, we put on our best faces and delivered an awesome sacrament meeting! (Am I allowed to say that?) The Durrants held Emmy for us because Wing and I were more nervous than the kids were and just couldn't deal with her little wiggles. Parker, Grace and Kate had a quiet confidence about them. I think that children feel the spirit easier than adults because those three were actually excited to deliver the talks they had prepared. The spoke with clear confidence. Their excitement really prepared the stage for their parents. We are so proud of our three little spiritual leaders!

Kate was so proud of her "written" talk and beamed with delight when she waved her paper at the Durrants while sitting on stage. Kate can't read, but holding the paper meant a lot to her. I read her the words and she repeated them in the micorphone.  Her friend, Jessica, said it just wasn't fair that Kate got to sit up there and talk. 

Page 1 of Grace's talk.

Page 2 of Grace's talk. She really captured her personality and what was important to her. She even went the extra mile to make talking in sacrament fun by adding her artistic touch. Too cute!

Parker's talk. He added his own jokes without any help. What a man! He definitely takes after his Daddy.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Fun With the Durrants

Grandma Diane and Amanda gave us "parents" a special treat tonight: The oldest three kids are going to sleep over at the Durrant house! They can't wait to go and have been waiting with eager anticipation. You can see the excitement on their faces while they patiently wait on the doorstep for Grandma to pick them up in her new car.

First they went to a dollar movie at the Sticky Foot movie theatre. The theatres real name is different, but it is locally known as the Sticky Foot for obvious reasons. If you drop it on the floor... You leave it on the floor.

Then they got to go shopping with Grandma for fun Halloween things.

They have also been planning their exercise routine all week. Looks like they really got into it! For Amanda's sake, I hope they wore themselves out and will be calm when it is time to sleep.

Amanda made them each a special spot to sleep in.

No sleep over is complete without Popeye Pancakes. Thanks Durrants!

First Tooth

It's official! After several days of drooling, chewing on the fireplace mantle and having nasty diapers... Emily's first tooth popped up! She was such a little trooper. She hardly cried and slept pretty good despite her discomfort. The most painful part of Emily's teething is when she would bite me. Ouch! But, who can blame her? We chew on her little goodness all the time. She's just so darn delicious!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Grace has wanted to play soccer for the past couple of years and this year was her lucky year! She is such a little athlete with tons of speed.

Go Grace! Go! Coach played her at forward because she is the fastest one on her team. We had the strategy of kicking the ball really hard and out running her opponents. Every time she did this, she was a huge success.

Grace hustled every second she was out on the field. We loved hollering at her and cheering her on. Her parents just loved living their competitive lives through her. This girls got some serious wheels!

Grace just hated loosing! The league doesn't keep score, but everyone else does. Even when she wasn't the victor, she always smiled and was a good sport.

Grace's fan club. We could watch you hustle up and down this field all day. Go! Fight! Win!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Disneyland: Trick Or Treat On The Street

Today is the day we have looked forward to all week. It's trick or treat on the street day! We reserved special tickets to stay late in California Adventure and go trick-or-treating after hours. We dressed in our halloween outfits and had a blast. The theme was Candy Corn Acres. So cute!

My two little girls dressed up in their "wickedly adorable" halloween shirts that Grandma Diane bought them. Each morning Emmy would roll and play on the carpet with big smiles and laughs. What a great way to start the day!

We got to see a ton of characters. Even some characters that you don't see every day in Disneyland. Like villians... Yipes!

More crazy driving, but this time it was on purpose!

The Trick-or-Treat on the Street festivities were so fun! We got to play games on the board walk for free, create some pirate crafts, bag down tons of candy (or apples, carrots or crackers), dance in the parade and scream on the rides with the night lights glowing.

Happy Halloween, Mickey and Minnie! We hope to see you again very soon!


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