Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Romeo

Parker was chosen to play Romeo in his fifth grade classes version of Romeo and Juliet. He was picked because of his awesome memorizing skills and because no other boy would take the part. I know that makes Parker seem like the default Romeo, but he really did an awesome job! And he was the only boy who actually memorized all of the parts for tryouts. Mrs. Taylor said that he was the best Romeo she's ever had. He added humor, expression and romance to the part. What a STUD!

The girls all wanted to be Juliet, so they rotated with each performance. Parker worked with a total of three different Juliet's. Can you blame the girls?

Even with the hordes of attention from the older girls, Parker's heart never faltered far from his true love... Emily Jane.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Every Thursday morning we head over to the rec center for a little bit o' elastics.... or gymnastics! Kate just adores her gymnastics class and does a different routine each week. She's worked on the parallel bars, balance beam, rings, pummel horse and floor. She is a very proud girl and loves to show us her tricks at home. Kate pays attention and minds her teachers very well. And last, but not least. Kate is the cutest little bug in her class! 

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


YES!!! The parents of Parker and Grace are finally able to LIVE THEIR LIVES THROUGH THEIR CHILDREN! They are playing basketball and loving it! Ahhh... The glory days.

When I first told Parker that he had to play basketball on a team he totally freaked out. He told all of our extended family how I was forcing him to play and how much he disliked having his freedom taken away because of sports. Tantrums were flying out all over the place. Quite comical actually. Well, after his first practice and game HE LOVED IT! Now he shows off his "skills" to the kids in the neighborhood, scores every game, works hard at practice and just loves the sport in general. He's a boy after his parent's heart. Who knew? I did!

Grace is a total natural at seeing the court and hustling. She is the best passer on the team and is always looking for the open lane and how best to fill it. I got the privilege of coaching her cute little team and loved every minute of it. It was so fun! I think that I had a better time than she did. I'm gonna coach her teams for the rest of my life! We just have so much fun together.

That's a wrap!


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