Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pamela Jane Durrant Hunsaker, February 28, 1953 - January 4, 2009

My Aunt Pam passed away January 4, 2009, after a courageous 10-year battle with cancer. Pam loved people and lived life passionately. She was a model of strength and perseverance. Her greatest joy and happiest hours were spent with her family. Pam created special moments for each of us.

Melissa writes:

My Pammy had a way of making everyone feel unconditionally loved in a way that only Pam could offer. Time after time she would tell me that she loved me like one of her own children. She reminded me of this great love each time she spoke to me by adding the simple word "MY" to the beginning of my name. Something so simple has had a profound effect on my life. I was someone special because I was "HER" Missy. More amazing is the fact that each of the cousins received the special blessing of truly being HERS.

My Pammy looked life square in the eyes with the sparkle of a conquerer. During one of her traditional picnic parties she decided to figure out why the hammock was getting so much attention. She stared the hammock down, ran to it full force and leaped onto the netting. The hammock then spun her completely around and threw her forcefully back the way she had came.
All of us just stared with mouths agape until My Pammy broke into hysterical laughter. Even when life's hammocks threw her a bad spin she conquered it in typical Pammy fashion. Later we would find out that the great hammock incident had caused her much physical pain.

Pam held steadfast to the traditions that keep our family together. From Christmas Eve dinners to 4th of July picnics she made sure that each family member was loved. The traditions that she fought valiantly for hold uncountable memories for each of us. The most anticipated tradition is the annual Bear Lake trip. The Hunsaker family sacrifice their lodging, food, money, and
relaxation year afer year so that the whole Durrant clan can enjoy the lake's sun and Hunsaker happiness. This is not an easy task and would stress our perfect Pammy out to her wits end. But each year everyone followed her lead and served each other with laughter and love that we will always hold in our hearts. Thank you My Pammy. I love you.

Wing writes:

For anyone who has made a mistake. She was there when I fell, and the first to greet me, and pick me up.

Parker recalls:

I remember when Pammy was alive she would give me all of these jelly beans with her own money. It was so fun to put the money in the jelly bean machine and see what flavor would come out. Like once I wanted to know what a flavor was but what I didn't know was that it was a Harry Potter jelly bean. So I smelled it to see what it would smell like and then I bit into it and it was bird poop flavor. So then I got another bird poop flavored jelly bean and had Aunt Pammy try it. So then she ate it and asked, "What flavor is this?" I answered that it was bird poop. Then we all laughed because Aunt Pammy actually liked it!

I also remember when I walked over to her house and Pammy was out in the hallway and she said, "Do you like my hair?" I replied, "I guess I do." Then she pulled on her hair and her hair came off. She was bald! I was freaked out and I jumped up!

When I was eight and getting baptized Aunt Pammy got in her car and drove 6 hours to Las Vegas just to see me get baptized. Aunt Pammy was even sick too. It made me feel like, "Wow! That's a big, big sacrifice." I remember after I got baptized at the church we went over to my house to have a party. Aunt Pammy called me over to her and gave me a hug and kissed me on the forehead and gave me a present. I liked it a lot. So when the party was over she left and I felt really loved that day.

Kate says:

Pammy loves me. She gave me special Elmo Eggs for the Easter egg hunt. She laughed at me and watch me find my eggs. I hug her and she kiss me.

I like to visit her house. She give me jelly beans. I'm jealous. Pammy says I'm a very smart girl. She kiss my head and I give her hugs. I want to go to heaven and visit Pammy.

Grace remembers:

My favorite memory is when we were all at Bear Lake. So much fun I had riding on the jet skis. Aunt Pammy always laughed.

She would never get mad that I borrowed a penny so I could get jelly beans. She would go shopping special for us when we came to visit her so that we could get jelly beans out of her machine. We've been doing it for years. I wonder what she did with all of that money! But she would give us pennies too so we could get more and more.

Aunt Pammy always told me that I was beautiful and that she loved me. She always teased me and would let me just be Grace.

I would love to be up in heaven with her. But when I get my chance I can be with her up in heaven. I think that we should give Aunt Pammy a cake that says "Welcome to God" not just one that says "Goodbye from Earth." It should say welcome to god because she is so happy instead of being away from her family. Her heart is with her in her spirit and she will always remember us. I will always be safe with her care. She will watch over me forever and ever.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

It's hard to believe that another year has come and gone. 2008 left us with so much to be grateful for. This year we spent New Year's Eve in Utah at Aunt Mindy's house playing games, watching movies and eating delicious snacks in splendid Durrant fashion.  

The costumes were especially designed for each and every person at the party by Grace and Amanda. (They even made some for the older boy cousins! ) They put together little bags with each persons name on it. Each hat, mask and noise maker was perfect for each recipient. My compliments to the designers.

Mother and daughter twins! We both LOVE RED!

Best dressed in 2009 and loving it.

Grandma Diane is convinced that she and Grace look alike. See the resemblance? Me either.

Nothing better than a Kate sandwich to start off the year. Happy New Year!


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