Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Volleyball! YEAH!, by Parker

Here I am serving the ball. BOY! I carried my team up in serving. That's how we won.

So I had fun doing my volleyball classes. I learned how to to pass or bump, the positions on how to do spikes (I got really good at it. I could hit them over the net.) and how to set properly. Oh, only use finger tips. I can serve from the outside court all the way in the court! Not out of bounds, but in! After every lesson I  got a snack of my choice. Lolly pop or bubble gum. WOW! Can those make big bubbles.

There is me setting the ball. Look at the concentration. Does my palm touch the ball?
BAM!! That's going to go flying right in the court. Can the other team get it? I don't know I'm pretty good.

I learned a lot in my classes. I hope I do it agin.


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