Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Uintahs Backpacking Trip

Since 2010 I've taken my children who are 8 years and older on an annual backpacking trip around Labor Day in the High Uintahs. We start at the Bald Mountain trailhead, go through "The Notch", and end at Crystal Lake trailhead a 11 mile hike. This yearly trip is special to me because not only is the location the epitome of the outdoors; lakes, green trees and vast views, my children show their greatness and joy. Also we all absolutely love it.

Every year I ask what did they learn, among many other discussions. This year this is what they came up with.

Top 5 life metaphors my children learned while backpacking the High Uintahs in their own words:

1- You get to know each other better when working toward the same goal (Grace)
2- Whining doesn't help (Kate)
3- You have to serve others to get to the end (Grace)
4- No matter how strong you are there's certain things only another person can do. (Parker)
5- We're stronger than we think we are. (Wing)

I cherish each trip. And every year there are unique memories:

- The first year Kate came with us she held my hand down every gravely or uncertain section of the trail

- The year that Parker challenged Uncle Han to a push up contest. He took off his shirt in the morning sunlight and everyone was shocked at how much he'd grown. He beat Uncle Han.

- How every year Grace tends to Kate and helps her understand the girl way to go to the bathroom in the woods. grace also tends to any cuts and bruises we have along the way.

- How we all sit hunched over the stream pumping the water filter and enjoying one another's company.

- How we all cooperate to make dinner, dishes, tents and fire. And no one says, "I did this therefore.."


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