Thursday, May 14, 2009

Goooooo.... GRACE!, by Grace

Gimme a G ...   Gimme an R ...   Gimme an A ...   Gimme an C ...   Gimme an E ...
GO GRACE! I just got done taking beginning cheerleading. At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to be in the class because my Mom said that I would have to cheer loud in front of people at games. That made me nervous, but I decided to do it anyway. I didn't know anyone in the class, but I made lots of friends the very first day. We did cheers and dance and fitness. It was a fun experience.

That cheer is called "Basket, Basket." That one is my favorite cheer. I like it because I played basketball before.

Give me a "f'" give me a "i" give me a "r" give me a "up." That spells fire up... clap,clap! I like that cheer too.
I learned great cheers. Now I can about do any cheer that I can think of.

What HAPPENS in kindergarten STAYS with you forever

After 38 years of dedicated service to teaching, my Mom, Diane Durrant, is retiring. We went to her open house celebration at Barratt Elementary over the weekend and were amazed at how many lives she has touched. For years, I've viewed Diane as just my Mom without seeing the outreaching benefits of her being a teacher. Now that I am a Mother I understand what a blessing a teacher like my Mom is. She brings peace to a worried and teary eyed parent when they drop off their precious child on the first day of kindergarten. She encourages learning by making it fun. She compliments mistakes as a means of improvement. Her creativity keeps the students captivated. She molds students lives in a safe and positive environment. She professionally counsels with parents of struggling students and loves each and every child. Diane's peers view her a master teacher and hold nothing but admiration for her. Her sunny spirit shines through her students and co-workers brightening the entire school. Seeing their admiration and love for her was an awesome experience. What will Barratt Elementary do without Mrs. Durrant?

Time has flown by. This is Diane's class 25 years ago and my Mom today. Grace put the two pictures side-by-side and said, "What happened Grandma. You are so different now! What are you going to do now that you are REGULAR?"
For the past few years, my Mom has taught both the morning and afternoon kindergarten classes touching 60 - 70 young lives with inspiring energy each day. The above photo was taken on Halloween. I'm proud to say that Mrs. Durrant is the best dressed and funnest teacher each year. 
We were blessed by having Mrs. Durrant as Parker's kindergarten teacher. The foundation that she laid within him is priceless.
Her students say it best. Thank you, Mrs. Durrant!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

One Month Old and ALL SMILES!

Our little Emmy has changed so much in just one month. Today she is one month and ten days old. She gets cuter and cuter each moment. She has the sweetest little spirit and brings joy to everyone that sees her. We think that she is gifted because she has already started to smile and tries her hardest to talk! Sometimes she tries so hard that it scratches her little throat and she coughs. Too cute! We just love this little bundle of joy.

We love our little Emily. (Big Sister says that she can make Little M's smile the biggest.)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Classic Kate

We've been having a hard time getting Kate to sleep lately. She's caught the Jack-In-The-Box syndrome. She's always popping in and out of bed with some sort of unique excuse. So I decided to try a little positive reinforcement and went to the dollar store and bought a bunch of her favorite treats as a reward for the nights that she stayed in her bed. It worked great until the third or "fird" night. 

Here's a rundown of the nights events...

1. Kate out of her bed saying, "Mom, it's not me. I'm a robot."
2. Kate out of her bed saying, "I hate night time. Night time in your bed is better."
3. Kate out of her bed and going downstairs saying, "My new bed is on the couch. I am going to sleep on the couch now."
4. Kate on the couch refusing to go to her own bed stating, "I am in charge now."
5. Kate on the couch refusing to go to her own bed because it is not in her story. Her story says, "Kate will sleep on the couch."
6. Mom saying, "Then I will change your story to say Kate will sleep in her bed instead."
7. Kate replying, "It doesn't work that way. I'm in charge."
8. Mom says, "Then I will get the Super Readers (TV show characters) to help me change your story."
9. Kate gives Mom a crusty look and says, "Sorry, Mom. That's not real. I'm in charge here!"
10. Mom quickly realizes that Kate is in charge here and tries to regain control by picking up her little crying sweet heart and physically puts her in bed.
11. Kate cries in her bed and says, "I hate this plan."
12. Mom "sages" (massages) her back and Kate falls asleep in 30 seconds.
13. Whew!

Another classic Kate moment...

Amanda: "Kate where is your baby?"
Kate: "She's lost."
Amanda: "What happened to her?"
Kate: "She's just hangin' out."
Amanda: "Where?"
Amanda: Concerned that the baby is lost and that Kate will cry her eyes out after playing tenderly with the baby all day.
Kate: "I'll show you."
Kate: Climbs up the stairs and points to the baby doll half hanging from the stair rail. 
See above picture: Top right.
All: Laugh our bums off.
Kate: "What? She likes it."

Don't worry. Kate hasn't helped Emily hang out..... yet.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Hiking With Daddy

Parker: We had to take a lot of pictures. This is the one that my dad said to do a really big smile. Reallllllllllllllllllly big! So I did as you can see. But, afterwords my Dad said that I ruined the picture because my smile was SO big that it covered the whole entire page. 

On the hike, there was also these almost naked guys running. All they had on was their boxers. They were singing, "I WANT TO BE A PARAMEDIC. STICK EM WITH A NEEDLE AND ANESTHETIC." They were weird.

Grace: I love my Dad so very much and he'll always be there even when he's busy. Because I LOVE my Daddy.  On our hike, there was these tunnels that were really fun to go into. We thought we heard bats and saw some bat guano. Yucky! You can see the tunnels in the background of our smiley picture.

Kate: Bat guano is gross. And then we wented into some tunnels. Parker's friend Zachary went too. Daddy carried me all over and I roaded on him shoulders and I tooted on him shoulders too. I love my Daddy. Daddy is at home now working in the office.

1 Month Older and Cuter Too!

Today is Emily's one month birthday! I can't remember what life was like before she came into our lives. She naturally belongs to our family in her own special way. She is the sweetest little thing. Emily takes a bottle and "Mom's milk," sleeps most of the day and night, smiles, grunts half of the night, falls asleep when riding in the car or stroller and snuggles on my shoulder like a little lump of love. I can't imagine my life without her and our whole family just adores her. Happy one month birthday, Emily!
Daddy after a night of listening to Emily's little grunts.

Emily napping in the morning after a night of little grunts.

Good morning, sunshine!
Big brother held Emily for a half an hour during this picture.  You can see the strain of this awesome responsibility on his face in this picture.


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