Thursday, April 1, 2010

Emily's First Birthday

My little Emy is ONE years old today! Time has flown by way too fast. Emy you are adored by everyone. Your smile brightens every soul and your sweet countenance fills every heart. We are so blessed to have you, our little miracle, in our family. I could just sit and watch you all day. Here's some photos of you throughout your 365th day of life. Now this is what being a whole year old is like.

I love my daddy! He is the best at playing with me and makes me laugh all the time.

Traditional Birthday favorite food breakfast: Muffins, strawberries and oranges.


I love my sisters and my sisters love me!

Mess? What mess? I'm exploring.

Full concentration.

Oops! Caught in the act.

Playing with mom and Kate. I love to be tickled in my neck.

There is no better place than by my Daddy's side.

Just helping Daddy organize  his work bag.

My daily work routine. What a way to make a living.

I love noodles! Nothing but my favorite food for my birthday dinner.

Just can't get enough of those noodles!

What's a good dinner without a show? Yeah for Emily Jane!

Boons? I love boons!

Grandma and Papa got me this turtle. Don't mess with my turtle! I may not be able to bounce much yet, but it's still all M.I.N.E.

OK, Grace. You can help me bounce for just a little while.

My favorite face to make.

My first baby. She is so heavy! I grunt and huff every time I pick her up. Whew! Babies are hard work.

I love my big brother. He's such a monkey.

Kate is a good helper, but I do have to keep her in her place sometimes. I love being her shadow.

Thanks Papa! Bouncing with you is so fun.

Whoa! Wait a minute. Nobody said that there would be fire involved! Look at the pretty flames.

I'm still not sure about this cake stuff, but I'll learn to like it by making a mess. My favorite past time. Plus, I'm finally old enough to eat ice cream. Cold. Chocolate. Yummy.

Night, night, Baby Emy. Mama love you!

All this partying has made me exhausted. Just look at my cute little tired eyes. Mama just can't get enough of rocking and snuggling me to sleep.

Even Kate is worn out by the celebration.


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